Zoe's Birthday Portrait Session at The Audubon

When I first started taking photos with my sister, back in 2013, we would go on adventures to different fields near home to practice. We grew up in Galena, OH where we had so many gorgeous fields to take pictures in. If you’re curious what some of our field pictures looked like back in the day, check them out here: photo 1, photo 2, photo 3. I’ve definitely improved since then, but it’s so fun to look back and see the progress I’ve made! ANYWAY. So, when Zoe reached out and said she was looking to do a portrait session in a field it made me SO, SO HAPPY. Field photos are some of my favorites and it gave me flash backs to when my sister and I would go out to any pretty field we could find.

Zoe found me through previous clients; it always makes me so happy when that happens. She told me that she has been following me since I photographed the wedding of friends of hers! I love that. I really LOVE when people find me through past clients. Zoe has her own food blog and is a fellow “Instagrammer”. She is super-sweet and we talked for a while after her shoot, I’m so glad she asked me to take her birthday photos. Check out her pretty pictures below.

Thanks for asking me to go prance around some fields with you!! xoxo