Alys Beach, FL

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that February is my least favorite month. For MANY reasons. Maybe if I didn’t live in the Midwest February would be okay, but NOPE. Let me explain… Winter is terrible, but at least the holidays and Christmas make it fun. January is still cold, but it feels fresh, new, and exciting with the new year starting. Then there’s February… It’s still cold and I bet you can’t find me something exciting in February… I’ll wait. HAHA. By February I am FED UP with the cold and ready for Spring, but it still feels far away.

Anxiety and depression are things I’ve struggled with in the past, and it always tends to be an issue in February. Well… NOT THIS YEAR. I fully prepared myself to make this February different from all of the other Februarys. For me, that included getting out of the Midwest. Several of our friends have taken trips to Alys Beach and it’s always been a place that I’ve wanted to go, so Alys Beach was my February escape and I think that a February escape is will be mandatory each year. It wasn’t the most perfect weather, but the beach is my PLACE!!!

Throughout this post I’m going to share some outfits that I wore in Alys Beach, fun things to do, and of course… the beach!! Check out the links to the clothes and accessories I wore while we were there; I chose some affordable pieces that I think you all will LOVE!

This whole outfit is from Amazon!! My goal really was to ball on a budget when preparing for this trip! The cover-up is a soft, silky feel and I love the lace up accent in the front! Stripes are my THING and since it was high 60s low 70s the long sleeves were perfect for the weather.

I love this boho bag. My husband said, “nice wicker basket” when he first saw it… Very sad, but if you know, you know… These bags are def a thing!


Long Sleeve Cover Up in Stripes

Woven Boho Beach Bag

Things to do in Alys beach:
We didn’t rent a car for this trip and it really was not necessary! It was fun to be able to walk to all of the pretty/cute spots. The majority of our entertainment was walking around and admiring how gorgeous everything was! In terms of coffee there weren’t too many spots, but we did find one GREAT one called Amavida. The vibe there was awesome. It’s tough to find a good matcha, but theirs was honestly amazing. Nearby Amavida there are tons of cute shops, so once we got our coffee/matcha we explored!! 10/10 recommend just walking wherever you can think to walk because anywhere you go in the 30A/Rosemary/Alys Beach area is CA-UTE!



Cowgirl’s Kitchen

La Crema - Tapas & Chocolate

Five Daughters Bakery 30A Airstream

We took most of our photos when I was wearing this outfit with the orange striped top. Ever since Daniella Seibert (Fox & Bloom) helped me in my closet, I’ve been drawn to colors that I never had been drawn to before. She told me that I’m an “autumn” and that I really should’ve been adding colors to my wardrobe that are warmer colors and fall into the “autumn” category. Adding orange to my wardrobe is totally new for me and I’m loving it. Thanks Daniella!


Orange Striped Top

Woven Boho Beach Bag


Beachy Hat

Pom Pom Cover-Up

Striped Swim Suit

^ All super affordable & from Amazon!!